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February - March Newsletter from RS Net


Hello Everyone!     3 main items for you today!

1. Exciting news!

RS Net's mobile-responsive update is almost ready!

Click on these links to find out why it is so important to do it now, and how you can do it with RS Net

Why it is important to upgrade now to mobile responsive websites?

What are the advantages of doing it with RS Net?

What will you get in this upgrade?

When is the planned release?

What are the associated costs?

And then please send this Mobile Responsive Upgrade Form to start the process for your website.
This will trigger an invoice and the upgrades after the early adopters will be done in the order of payment.


2. Why is there so much Spam?

Spam email is a problem at present! 
Here is a link to our document about Spam and Email handling options on our system: 

If further help is needed please email



3. Statistics

Only a few have requested the new  user name and passwords for the Statistics area of your website or shop. It is important to see how well you are being found on the web. It is also very interesting to see what words searchers are using to find you  and whether you can add them to your site in a useful away to attract more searchers.

Please send an email with New Stats password in the subject heading to


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