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RS Net Newsletter - November- December 2015

RS Net logo - RS stands for Renton Solutions Network- a web development business in Adelaide South Australia.

RS Net Newsletter - November December 2015

This newsletter contains

- Information about Holiday Arrangements for RS Net together with our Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.

Merv and Margaret are taking a  break from December 7th to January 20th.

We have decided to spend Christmas and New Year with our son's American family.

This is especially exciting as we haven't seen him for 8 years!

How will this affect you?  Hopefully not at all while we are away as we have taken proactive steps to avoid any issues.

  • General Support and Maintenance
    We already build, maintain and support our websites, email, domains, etc remotely, as our servers are in Sydney and we work from Adelaide.
    So being in California is little different except for a different time zone.
    Our day will start earlier and finish earlier, but as usual we will be available for emergencies, which don't happen often.

  • Phone and Email
    Emails will work as usual - your best solution - but may be answered next day.
    Our number 08 8324 3024 will be redirected to Merv's Mobile Phone in US for emergencies.

    Calls to our mobiles will also be redirected to US - we may be asleep for late calls.
    Text messages WILL NOT be received.
    We will call you back as soon as we can if a call is required.

  • Development work and Updates
    Our programmer will still be available as needed except for the normal Christmas Holiday break.

  • System Support
    Our Hosting System is comprehensively and professionally supported 24x7 as always.

  • Domain renewals, Hosting renewals, Monthly renewals, Backup invoices, Thawte certificates
    etc that fall due in the period
    have already been invoiced early and we won't let anything get missed that causes a problem.

  • If there is something coming up for you at this time, not mentioned here, please contact Margaret

While Overseas we will have our Laptop, tablets and phones to check system activity as we always do.

If you need help, then an email is the best solution.
Mindful of the time difference, we will contact you in work hours here if we need to.
Please include your contact details so we can call.
Here is the International Clock for Sacramento - 18.5 hours behind us.
To contact you in Adelaide working hours, we will usually need to call between  9 am and midday

There is also an FAQ page on the website to deal with some possible problems.


- and Reminders about

  • Mobile phone updates - websites - have you had your site updated yet?

  • Mobile phone updates - shops & catalogues -RS Net is are now rolling out the mobile upgrade quotes
    Fill in the mobile upgrade form OR just call us at RS Net.

Here are 2 recent examples of live web shops which have the mobile responsive add-on.

Check them out on PC, mobile and tablet.

There are others in progress including a fully responsive site which automatically adjusts everything to the appropriate screen.

We will tell you more about that in the New Year


Announcing - a new off the shelf ready to start adding mobile responsive content website!

We have a fully performing ready-to-go mobile responsive sample site, perfect for a small venture or a large venture starting out.

Check out

Hosting set up, and some training, plus the site for sub $1600. Any design work is extra, but basically what you see here is what you can do yourself.


 And again we reiterate caution when applying 

The Windows 10 Update.

It is essential that you take a backup of your system before you accept the Windows 10 upgrade.

There are true horror stories out there about people whose PCs had to be rebuilt after a failed update and the most precious files were lost.
No financial records etc.and no way back but to rebuild from scratch!

RS Net has had all 4 PCs/Laptops updated with only minor issues.

Need advice re backing up the system? Call us and speak to Merv  08 7324 3024


Holiday hours for RS Net


We are leaving on the 10th December and will return on the 14th January.  
Our office will be closed from 7th December and reopen again on January 18th.  
We will be adding some images on Facebook.





Our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

So all that is left is to thank you all for your support and patronage over the past 12 months or longer and wish you the very best for the coming Holiday Season.

Of course we also thank those who have worked with us and for us over the year.

We hope you enjoy your special times with family and friends and look forward to working with you all in the New Year.



Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024

Garry Hinitt   0419 641 322