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Upgrades to add Mobile / Responsive Website Capabilities

Most of our clients will be aware that there is pressure on all website owners to improve the appearance, performance and usability of their websites for visitors with mobile devices, particularly Mobile Phones. For many web sites, visitor numbers using Mobiles or Tablets are now up to 30% and growing so giving those people the best experience possible is important.

Search Engines such as Google are steadily moving towards giving more and more preference to Mobile-capable websites and before long websites without Mobile capability will be at a considerable disadvantage in Search Results compared to the competition with Mobile capable websites.

A Mobile-capable website has features that make viewing and navigation around the site easier for viewers with Mobile Phones, which can mean that a website may need to present its information quite differently to a mobile phone user, depending on the page content.

There are various solutions to the problem of adding Mobile capability, many of which involve considerable extra work and expense to set up and then considerable extra work and extra cost to maintain regularly. Some solutions involve different websites for mobile (e.g. which dilutes the web presence of the business by spreading content across two versions of the website. Our solution minimises as many conversion and maintenance issues and costs as possible.


RS Net's Mobile / Responsive upgrade aims to

  • Keep the mobile version on the same site as the PC/Tablet version for maximum benefit.

  • Start with the content of your current website and display it suitably for Mobiles and Tablets with minimum work on your part and as little work as possible on our part.

  • Allow and facilitate the adaptation of some elements of your current site that are not so suitable for Mobile devices so they work better on Mobiles and Tablets.

  • Allow you, the site administrator, to make most of the Mobile-adaptions yourself if you wish to, using the same kinds of features that you are used to using now when you work on your website.

  • Keep the initial and ongoing cost for the Mobile-Responsive features as low as possible.


What will Clients get?

As part of the upgrade we will be providing:

  • Extra PDF user manual releases to cover the Mobile features and enhancements.

  • Optional On-The-Site Training to assist you to learn how to use the Mobile features and adaptations so you can use them to the greatest advantage for your website.

  • Optional Extra Custom Work to change any elements of your website that are not able to be automatically rendered into a form suitable for Mobile devices. e.g. some Contact Forms.

  • Optional Conversion of any Custom features of your website not handled by the general Upgrade.

  • Optional Complete Initial Conversion of your site by RS Net so you don’t have to spend any time on it at all!


Now we have released the Mobile/Responsive version we will:



Here is a list of some sites already upgraded with this process.


We recommend you check the sites out on your mobile Smart Phone and Tablet and compare that to the Desktop version of the sites. These sites respond to each type of device appropriately.


RS Net

Advanced Pools

Port Princess

Derby Heatbanks

Energy & Information Services

interlocks hair face body


Mobile responsive shops

The Luggage Place

Archery Academy

Parts Stop

Adelaide Souvenir Wholesalers

Industrial Gaskets

Fully Responsive Shops

All Seasons Comfort

Mobile responsive combined Website/Shop




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