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Happy New Financial Year!

This newsletter is about

  • Mobile phone updates - websites
  • Mobile phone updates - shops & catalogues
  • SEO and SEO spammers
  • Terms and conditions for our hosting service


Mobile phone Updates for Websites.

RS Net has explained why it is important -  you get mobile search engine rankings if Google etc consider your site to be mobile friendly.
Otherwise depending on the search parameters, your website is less likely to be found in mobile searches.

Some of you will have looked at your site on mobile and say it looks fine, and to the human eye, it may seem that way.

However Google has other ideas

Please go to this link

and enter your website address as requested and see how it is rated.

If considered mobile friendly, that is great. If not, then you should go to the mobile update page on our site and fill in the form.


Still not sure, then look at these typical examples - 

Look at them on PC, Mobile and Tablet

RS Net recognises that tablets are becoming more important and so have gone the extra distance to make our sites tablet-friendly in the mobile-responsive upgrade.


Mobile responsive updates for Shops

This work is progressing well and we should start to upgrade our early adopters soon.We will keep you posted.

SEO and Spammers

There has been an enormous upsurge in spammers touting SEO services.
Many of these are just after a quick dollar. 
To do a good job with SEO, they need to have access to the back end of your site to add new text, and links.
You need to be quite sure that they are reputable and you can trust them with your data. 
Many may be using suspect SEO methods which could backfire and reduce your site's performance, or actually do very little for your payment!

RS Net provides a service which keeps your site secure, and is quite successful, as our SEO clients can attest.
It is a 6 month service after which you can continue working with us or not.
There is an initial cost and then a maximum of $330 a month - you can request less.
We are honest and we do the work!

If you prefer to improve your site yourself, MAKE THE TIME..

  • Annotate all images with useful text,
  • Fill in the metatags
  • Fill in the page name info- see Page: at the top of the build pages

Refer to the latest updated manual. If you want a quick analysis, contact for details

Changes to Hosting allowances

Our new hosting system has allowed us to examine the data usage by our clients so we have been able to increase allowances for Internet traffic, which is good!

In addition we have released a new low-cost Extra Data package which will cover excess data used.
It will be offered to you when the need arises.

All our hosting options will be found on the RS Net website

and will be updated on the information sheet sent out with hosting renewals.

And so to the new Financial Year

The RS Net Team wish you all a successful 2015-2016!

We plan to work with you to make it MORE successful! 


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Merv Renton  08 7324 3024

Garry Hinitt   0419 641 322