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Mobile and Tablet Buttons

RS Net has developed multi-purpose buttons for our website CMS, designed mainly for use with Mobiles and Tablets. They do work for PC View too, of course, but PCs may not be able to Call or Text.

They are a new add-on that comes with our Mobile-responsive Upgrade.

  • Designed for easy finger-touch operation.
  • Provide Actions (Call, Email, Text) or links to in-site web pages and external web pages.
  • Can have a range of colours to suit your website styles.
  • Can have one of many optional Icons, or None.
  • The layout is responsive to the screen size of the device in use, with an over-ride to force the number of buttons in a row on mobiles.
  • They are easy to create and edit using the same RS Net CMS features that you are used to smile.

The buttons can be added to Mobile and Tablet views to make it easy for users to see and select options.
Your regular mouse-driven Menus, etc generally can be left on the PC view to work as always.

View them on Mobile, Tablet and PC to see how they work.


A set of smaller buttons, mostly actions, set to be 2-wide on Mobiles.
Icons on far left.


A set of larger buttons, set to be 1-wide on Mobiles.
Icons near the text. They can also be on far right.


A set of larger buttons with no icons, set to be 1-wide on Mobiles.