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RS Net Newsletter - September 2015

This newsletter contains

- Warnings about

  • the Windows 10 upgrade
  • and the Ransom Infection that removes control of your site until a ransom is paid 

- and Reminders about

  • Mobile phone updates - websites - have you had your site updated yet?
  • Mobile phone updates - shops & catalogues -RS Net is are now rolling out the mobile upgrade quotes - fill in the mobile upgrade form.


The Windows 10 Update.

It is essential that you take a backup of your system before you accept the Windows 10 upgrade.

There are true horror stories out there about people whose PCs had to be rebuilt after a failed update and the most precious files were lost. No financial records etc.and no way back but to rebuild from scratch!

RS Net has had all 4 PCs/Laptops updated with only minor issues.

Need advice re backing up the system? Call us and speak to Merv  08 7324 3024

Ransom Virus

Computer ransomware encrypts files, asks for up to $1,000 to regain access

A computer virus has begun spreading in Australia that references the Breaking Bad TV show in a ransom note demanding up to $1,000 to decrypt files it infects.

Read more about it here:

Our remote automated backup is a GOOD defence 
against having your business disrupted or destroyed by criminals. The economical monthly fee is a GREAT way to ensure you have a way to get lost files back WITHOUT paying a large ransom! Contact us for more details.


Mobile responsive updates for Shops are ready and rolling out.

Upgrades have started. Please send in your requests.

Mobile Responsive Updates are needed for better Search Engine exposure!

RS Net has explained why it is important -  you get mobile search engine rankings if Google etc consider your site to be mobile friendly. 
Otherwise depending on the search parameters, your website is less likely to be found in mobile searches.

Some of you will have looked at your site on mobile and say it looks fine, and to the human eye, it may seem that way. Make sure you check if your links work. In some cases, the site pages will not open up.

Users prefer sites that are Mobile-Friendly .. so even if they DO find you, they may leave your website for another if using a Mobile device.

How does Google view your site? Go to this link:

and enter your website address as requested and see how it is rated.

If considered mobile friendly, that is great. If not, then you should go to the mobile update page on our site and fill in the form.

Still not sure, then look at these typical examples -

Look at them on PC, Mobile and Tablet

RS Net recognises that tablets are also important and so have gone the extra distance to make our sites tablet-friendly in the mobile-responsive upgrade.



Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024

Garry Hinitt   0419 641 322