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Welcome to 2015 with RS Net


Hello Everyone!


We trust that you all had a great break with family and friends.   Merv and I enjoyed a change of pace where we did not need to be on deck all the time.

We can thankfully report that the majority of your sites are now on our New Hosting Service, which is running Very Well. 

There are a few shops/catalogues still to be moved from our secondary host to our main one in the next 3 weeks. There should be no interruption in service when this is done.


New passwords for stats needed

One of the changes you will all notice is that is that your /stats address does not work. 
Different servers have different addresses for stats.  

All stat addresses have been assigned a login with a generated password which will need to be copied and pasted, then set to be remembered.

We can supply that when you need it.

As there are several recipients in some organisations, could just one of you email for these details. 
Please label this request with the subject line Stats info for easy recognition.


Update your sites now

Not just a broken record!  It is important!

Google and other search engines respond when changes in sites are noted.

Easy ways to make changes!

  • Annotate your images
  • Add page names at the top of the edit page
  • Change one image and add explanatory text

Forgotten how? Ask for a training session where we make the changes while you learn! Great value!

Look at a photo of yourself 10 years ago. Look at yourself today. You have changed - so has your business, but what about your website?

Has it changed to reflect this - say in the last 6 -12 months??

Call RS Net on 08 7324 3024 soon!




One of  our technical support businesses  Geek 1300424335 - has sent out a warning about..

..  a telephone scam which prompts you to install a remote desktop software ( to check over your PC. 
It requests you to pay a charge for the cleanup of your PC to avoid being disconnected by a hoax company claiming to be Telstra.

They also offer these useful links

Here are some examples of cases experienced by others that you can read about:



And a last postscript, Merv and Margaret will be away from the office from Sunday to Wednesday. 

We  will still be monitoring emails regularly but cannot guarantee phone access. 

If you have an urgent issue, ring 0408022420 and back it up with an email.



A New Year, a new Server environment - we are ready to meet the next challenge!  

We are already looking at forward development!


RS Net logo - RS stands for Renton Solutions Network- a web development business in Adelaide South Australia.

Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024

Garry Hinitt   0419 641 322

Sean McLoughlin  0488 505 840