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RS Net Web Solutions

          WEB SOLUTIONS        


RS Net Web Services

          WEB SERVICES         

What will an RS Net web solution do for me?

RS Net's Content Managed System lets you..


 -  Administer the site independent of developers

 -  Make changes at any time, from anywhere.


It's simple to use.

 -  No knowledge of any internet language needed

 -  Training is available

 -  Helpful phone or email support

 -  Continually evolves with your business.


New sites are mobile friendly

 -  Older sites can be made mobile friendly

 -  More


What more can RS Net provide with my web site?

RS Net can provide a complete web solution!


 -  Create a tailored solution for your business.
    Sound out your ideas with the developer.
    We can make YOUR IDEAS happen!

 -  Domains - order domain names & let us manage them for you

  -  Hosting - sites of all sizes, with personal interaction

  -  Email issues & support

 -  On line data backup service managed by RS Net

 -  Training to manage your site.

 -  E-commerce solutions for shops

 -  Advice on the freight services for your online shop

 -  SEO - optimising your site for search engines 

 -  Managing the site content updates by arrangement

 -  More

RS Net content- managed Web Solutions are backed by over 15 years of expertise and development.


 Below are 5 sites created by RS Net which indicate the range of possibilities with an

RS Net Web Solution.

You are invited to follow the links to see their full sites.


  • Scammells Auctions is a highly customised Website, catalogue and shop with very sophisticated features eg  on line real time auctions

  • JS Easy is an unlimited website and shop where products are downloaded once paid for.

  • All Seasons Comfort - a fully responsive shop which adjusts to all types of screens automatically

  • Brimblecombe - a web site with a secure area for Tender information, multiple galleries

  • Interlocks - a smaller website, but a great advertisement for this very busy beauty salon

RS NET personnel believe that YOUR business is THEIR business.


John Sinclair of Signmakers says...

(they) have always had easy direct access to the RS Net team whenever needed and enjoyed helpful and friendly service and training. They are local, they answer the phone, they respond quickly to emails and they are reliable.



Chris Bylhouwer of Spray Pave Australia...

 I consider what they offer is more of a partnership, rather than just a service.  I still receive all the usual requests from other internet developers. What they all miss, is what Merv and Margaret offer; a personal touch. A genuine “your business is our business” approach.


Scott LeBlanc of Total Track...

 As our products and services are perpetually evolving, the team at RS Net have helped to deliver these products and services by continuing to develop and support our website to keep in line with these changes.... I have no hesitation in recommending RS Net to anyone looking for web solutions and services...



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