RS Net Newsletter 2018 - No 3

Thankyou all for your patience and good wishes sent while we moved premises on the 23rd.
Every move has its own challenges and we are gradually making order out of chaos. 

A new entity.

We are transitioning to a full Company from "Trading As".
Despite the unfortunate timing RS Net Pty Ltd is expected to be operating from April 1st. This will not involve much that will affect Clients, but  there will be new bank details and ABN. These details will follow as soon as possible or with new invoices. Both the old and new bank accounts will operate for a time.

Hosting costs to rise slightly to accommodate new hosting features.

RS Net hosting charges have not changed since 2014. Over that time, additional Website Traffic data has been included and we have added many features to protect your website from Hackers

Your website runs on a Premium Hosting Service.

  • Our Hosting is NOT oversold and under-resourced like many hosting systems, so we can maximise performance.
  • It runs on heavily redundant power supply with power backup and with redundant Internet connections.
  • Your website and data is backed up every day and the data is kept for several months on a remote system for recovery.
    PLUS, mirror copies of the whole Hosting System are made to an alternative location so we can start up the Secondary Server within 10 minutes if a Major failure occurs.
  • Among the many things we do for you, you may be aware that we monitor website visitor activity 4 times a day and block any suspicious visitors. That is done by Merv after we get the reports at 8am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm. 7 days a week.
  • This week in the deep of night we migrated our entire hosting system to new hardware to ensure reliability going forward.
  • And next week we are adding a special website speed-up feature that should help the increasing number of responsive sites to perform better, and help the whole hosting system cope with loads better.
  •  And you get personal service from people who really care about your business and website!

We do need to increase your Annual Hosting fees NEXT ANNUAL RENEWAL by up to 5%  to accommodate some extra costs associated with these features and activities. We hope that is OK. We will publish full details soon.

Please call or email if you wish to discuss any of the above information.



Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024