"I don't need your Backup Service. I am already backed up!"

Are you sure?

  • What happens if you are:
    - Locked out of your files by Ransomware?
    - Your hard drive stops working?
    - Hit by other computer virus?
    - Too busy running your business to dedicate time to a reliable backup solution?
    - Searching for an important file -but it was deleted! Is it on the backup? Which one? Was it done?
    - Not sure when the last backup was done? Where is it? Was it Good?

  • You need multiple versions of each file on more than one local medium for manual backups.
    Copying  files nightly on to the same external hard drive begs the question:
    - what happens if that drive fails and you need an important file?
    - How far back can you go?
    - Can you get different versions of the file?
    Multiple media is needed and this gets more expensive and needs dedicated time to manage it all.

  • Fire and theft are things to be feared, but data loss by itself can cause your business to fail.
    This article link from March 2018 based on US statistics is an eye-opener!

    6 frightening data backup stats (and how to avoid them) 

  • Backups are only as good as the time, effort and hardware taken to maintain them.
    - External drives need to be taken off site at night or placed in a fireproof safe.
    - Flash drives can fail any time if not inserted or removed correctly and should not be used for backup purposes.

  • So having read the article above:
    - Would your business survive a major data loss?
    - Do you have a REAL, reliable data backup/recovery solution?

    ... Are you REALLY backed up?

Introducing CARBONITE Safe Backup solutions

RS Net has been supplying and supporting a secure, online, automatic backup service for some years and now we can help you with CARBONITE !!

It is a highly trusted solution used widely around the world.
Data is fully encrypted at each stage of the upload process.
Your files are encrypted before they leave your computer and encrypted again during transit to one of Carbonite's data centres using the same security technology used in online banking and e-commerce transactions.
Your files remain encrypted on the backup servers, which are housed in data centres that are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
There are several levels of backup available at a yearly fee from a single work station to multiple servers with Bare Metal Restore capability.

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Recommended Prices start from $341 PA for one PC with unlimited backup*, including local support from RS Net.
We can get you going in the most efficient way with a Team viewer Setup and basic phone training for just $55.
That is less than 8.00 a week in total (paid annually) for unlimited data!

Our local support monitors your Backup Status several times a week to give you extra peace of mind knowing someone else is also watching out for your system as well as providing an experienced Local Contact for a quick response when you need it. We handle any communications with Carbonite upline support in the US if needed to handle the "Technical" for you!

For any Carbonite version you can get a free trial:
- 15 days for basic/personal versions
- 30 days for Business/Office versions

Contact us and we will set it up!

* Note: This price is for the Carbonite Safe Basic Plan with Automatic cloud backup, Local support included, NO External Hard Drive backup, Remote file access to computer files PLUS Team viewer Setup assistance / basic phone training.
(There are lower-cost options for experienced users to self-install with Paid Local support if it is needed.)

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