Web Site / Catalogue/ Shop ?  


Sometimes it is more effective  to use more than one  web solution.

  •  A website with a catalogue gives you the opportunity to explain your business and your products  and  also display products in a category format. see Prestige Trophy

  •   A catalogue plus an onsite shop is another possibility where clients can have the choice of just making enquiries about one group of products while being able to purchase other items on line.

  •  A website with a questionnaire attached - suited to organisations who need to collect data - a highly customised solution - please ask for an example


Sometimes, your business changes and you see the need  for an extra facility eg if you need to add e-commerce to your site.

Just talk to RS Net and we will  help you decide on the best format for you and guide you through the process.


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Here is a sample range of  website/catalogue/website combinations

Prestige Trophy (combination website/catalogue) 

JSEasy (website and shop)

Power Brakes (website/shop combinations)



Prestige Trophy - Website with catalogues
JSEasy website & shop
Power Brakes - website & shop