Not all Backups are the same!

Compare the RS Net Online Data Backup with others

This information will help you learn the problems with existing backup environments and how the RS Net Online Data Backup will solve the problems and add protection.

  • Any system that keeps only one backup copy risks the copy of a bad/damaged version over the only good one and gives no ability to recover previous versions. File and data problems, particularly deletions, are not always noticed at the time, so any backup system that does not keep multiple copies from different dates and allow recovery of deleted files is insufficient.

    RS Net Backup keeps all changes for 3 months. You can recover all backed-up versions for the last 3 months. (And you can set the backup frequency to suit you needs.)

  • Any system that backs up to only one media (1 disk, 1 memory stick, 1 DVD, etc) runs the risk that the media will be damaged in some way and some/all of the data lost or damaged. Memory Sticks are very vulnerable to static "zapping" causing instant failure.

    RS Net Backup system has "industrial duty" redundancy of servers and disks, etc to ensure data will stay available through any failures of the data storage system.
  • Any system that relies on people to manually carry out backups, carry tapes, disks, etc back and forth risks backups being skipped or lost, etc, introducing points of failure.

    Our Backup system automatically backs up when you system is active and online. And also reminds you if it could not do it for any reason.

  • Any system that relies on humans to find and select files to be backed up can miss vital files, especially all-important Email and contacts data files, which are vital to many businesses.

    Our Backup client searches your PC and/or Server to help you locate all files that might need backing up. You do not have to know where they are.
  • Often backups to a Server are done, but vital data held on one or more laptops is forgotten, users keeping data local instead of on the network. 

    Our system allows a company to have backups run on all laptops and workstations, backing them up when they are connected to the Internet, even when the employee is home. 

  • Any backup system that does not keep the backups in a different location to the original data risks them both being lost during a fire, theft, electrical spike, etc.

    Your data is stored in a remote data warehouse in a uniquely encrypted version that only your Backup Software can read.

  • Backup systems are only as good as the ability to get back a lost file or set of files when you need them.

    Our Backup Client has a Restore mode where you can browse all your backed up files and versions to get any you need. If your PC is destroyed, install the client on another PC or use a web login to restore the files to another PC.  

To find out out more please contact RS Net on 08 7324 3024

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