RS Net Newsletter 2017 - no 3

RS Net logo - RS stands for Renton Solutions Network- a web development business in Adelaide South Australia.

Holiday arrangements: May 11th-June 26th inclusive: Office closed.

We are getting pretty excited now. Only a couple more days to go, but we are trying to fit in a lot of client work before then.

Here are some of the arrangements made.

All domains in the RS Net accounts  that are due up to July 20th have already been invoiced.

Hostings to the 1st of July have already been invoiced.
Those due in the month of July will be invoiced  when we return and will have till the end of July to settle them.
The same will hold for all SEO, and backup invoices for July. 

We will have local call access for you if you need our help. 08 7324 3024 will be forwarded by Skype to Merv's mobile phone.
Remember that we will be 14.5 hours behind Adelaide on the previous day.

We will be monitoring email and suggest that that will be the best way to contact us.
Merv will still be monitoring the system and backups and doing Admin and some development work most days.

Programming on new sites will continue
and our programmer will still be hard at work.
Our hosting services are manned 24/7.

Please check our Facebook page if you are having an issue -
we will still maintain the alert service.

Is your site mobile friendly?

We hear clients saying that mobile is unnecessary for them, but these days, you cannot afford to be without a good mobile site. 40%-50% of your visitors can be on Mobile.

That is a real issue for you as Google looks for a mobile -capable site as the main site for mobile users. Without it, you may lose your good position. 
Have you tried to use your site on your phone as a client/visitor would?
- Is the text too small?
- Is it easy to select a link?

- Does it overlap the screen  window?

- Is it pleasant to use?

- Can you make a direct phone call?

Your website works for your business 24 x 7 x 365  for less than 1 week's pay of any other full-time employee!!!
It's your cheapest employee!
It needs to respond properly to all visitors and show your business as an up to date active one with current products and a current look! Not having a mobile-capable website is now holding you back!

Don't leave it too much longer!

RS Net realises that cash flow is king so we are prepared to go the extra mile with you to make payments easier.

Talk to us about it in the new Financial Year or email us now to be first in line.


Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024