WebSite / WebQuestionnaire

This RS Net CMS solution includes both a combined WebSite and  WebQuestionaire, all protected by Security Certificates

The RS Net WebQuestionaire Solution allows the creation and editing of Questionnaires to be answered by website visitors, with the subsequent retrieval of the answers for external analysis or use. Site Users include the Site Administrator, Questionnaire Manager and site Users or Visitors.

Tight control of user rights at the different levels enables the solution to be used for a variety of purposes, such as application forms, information forms, test or examination responses, research data collection, etc.

For the most sophisticated usage the managers and their groups are assigned to locations and the questionnaires are assigned to locations and groups. This allows the system to present the right set of questionnaires to the right visitors.

Various features and functions allow creation and management of questionnaires and checking of their answer status, etc.

Export of the questionnaire answer data as a CSV file allows the data to be imported into Excel, Access or statistical software, etc for analysis.


At the lowest level of use the solution provides editable questionnaires that website visitors can answer once they have identified themselves to the system.

Multiple Questionnaires

Multiple Questionaires can be created, and each assigned to User Groups and Locations and can have unlimited questions.

Questions can be in various forms  (all with prompting as to information required), eg

  • select from a list 

  • tick multiple answers

  • free form text

  • numeric answers

  • date answers

  • 24 hour time answers


If you have a questionnaire or a series of questionnaires that need/s to be completed by multiple participants over a period of time, then collated and later retrieved for analysis, then we recommend you talk to RS Net about an online solution. Contact us for an example site.


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