RS Net Advisory No 3 - Major Cyber Attack

Good afternoon,

In case you have not noticed, in the news we saw today:

"Foreign government behind major cyber attacks on Australian governments and business, PM says".

See the ABC News Website:

Some people in the know say this is a warning rather than confirmation of a major event today.


  • Everyone needs to be extra careful.

  • Make sure your software and Operating System are fully up to date.

  • Make sure you are using quality anti-virus/hacker/spam protection.

  • Make Sure you are Backed Up!

  • Especially watch out for fake links in emails that download attack software!

We have seen evidence of attacks of the type described by the Australian Cyber Security Centre being rejected by our Website Security System. So it is a country-wide event.

Good Luck!

Please contact us if you have questions.


Margaret & Merv

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