Easter, upgraded sites & warnings

RS Net is pleased to announce 5 websites have been upgraded this month.

https://www.wilsonsecurity.net.au - Wilson's in Mount Gambier look after security and locksmithing needs for the Limestone Coast and Western Victoria
https://www.goolwaglass.com.au - Tony and his staff replace and repair all types of glass from Goolwa to eastern Adelaide
https://www.serenidadwiltipoll.com.au - Serenidad breeds Wiltipoll sheep that shed their wool (so no shearing) and is based in the Adelaide Hills.
https://www.kindaplastics.com.au - Kindaplastics deals with cut to size plastics  and acrylic displays in Para Hills West
https://www.crwengineers.com.au - CRW Consulting Engineers are based at Norwood and work on structural design.

If you weren't ready to upgrade before the deadline, Google say your non mobile responsive site will disappear from its index in the near future. It is still well worth updating your site so you can be found in a search. Otherwise, they say, you will only be found on Google if people type in the whole Web Address in the Address Bar. How many of your prospective customers will remember to do that?

And as always there is something to look out for!
Upgrading your Chrome build as quickly as possible is recommended. 
Google has fixed some security flaws in its latest update for Chrome. Here is that important link.

Check that your Chrome is  running on the latest update which is..... Version 89.0.4389.90

And a good news story!
As always we encourage you to back up your work and data.
Here is a story about a company that was hit but didn't pay the Ransomware demand because they had their data protected. 

The backup product we use and recommend - Carbonite - does, unlike 90% of other backups, both backup off line and in a different place as recommended in this article.
If you are not fully covered, then talk to us about Carbonite.

And now, we wish you all a safe Easter and hope you all get some time to relax and recharge.
We are off to explore sunny Peterborough and district!

Margaret & Merv

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