RS Net Newsletter 2016 - No 1



Welcome back to a new year with RS Net! 

Let's hope for Happiness and Prosperity for All!


Holidays away are a great way to recharge your batteries and Merv and I both found that to be true!

However, even while we were away we were still able to answer your emails and offer help when needed. Take a look at our Facebook page  where Merv is pictured on support work while in Sacramento.

But now we are looking at the year ahead ....

Where to from here in 2016?

Mobile upgrades need to be done to give you the best results for mobile & tablet users.

Have you checked your site out on mobile and tablet as a client would do?

Do the links work simply? Is the text too small without zoom?

Do the pages fit the screen or do you have to scroll  to see all the text?

If you already have a mobile solution from a few years back perhaps it also needs updating? 

Compare how your web site looks with one of these sites using our mobile solutions?

DS HorneLevis Motorcycle Clubinterlocks hair face bodyAdvanced Pools

Or these shops The Luggage Place,  Adelaide Souvenir Wholesalers

Or this combination site JSEasy

New fully responsive shop announced

Now check out this fully responsive web shop - All Seasons Comfort which has been totally redesigned at the same time. If you are thinking about a new look, this could be just what you are after!


Progress payments

You may be ready to do the upgrade, but perhaps are being held back by current cash flow? RS Net will accept payments over 6 months and if your hosting is due to include both payments in a solution.  Just talk to us.

The first step is to find out what the upgrade involves. So please fill in the form here or send us an email.

Website Security Enhancements

We are updating the security of all of our sites and improving their response for Visitors and to the wide range of Search Engines etc that analyse them.  This is an unending task!

We needed especially to make sure all contact forms still work, as it is no good having a secure site if the security blocks the contact form!

The best test of a Contact form is to send one and make sure it gets there. We have resolved a few issues as we do it and that's better for everyone.

We hope that has not caused you any problems.

We advise you to routinely check your site and the function of any contact forms as well.


All the best for 2016


 Margaret & Merv




 My apologies for sending out the wrong email last week - even though it was still quite topical. Thanks to Mike  of Brimblecombe Builders for pointing it out.






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