RS Net Newsletter 2017 - No 4

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Getting the Most from Your Site

There are 3 important issues to bring to your attention today.

1.  SEO in 2017 -  
Promoting your site for today's searches    

SEO in 2017 is different to that of 5 years ago and even more has changed since Bill Gates said 'Content is king' back in the mid 90's!

Keep pace with current trends

High quality content still is important, but it must be optimised for SEO and to give your target audience a good user experience.

Focus on your audience 

Your text should be focussed on how people are looking for your products rather than keywords

Images and Video are important - it helps make your site and your information easier to read. Use the alt tags and image names to include keywords

Description metatags make search snippets informative.

Without them, Google will use the opening lines of your first paragraph. Description allows a summary which can target your audience.

The ideas are taken from
 by Tina Courtney.

2. Update your site regularly - Your site says a lot about your business!

Look at your site critically!

It should say, this is a VIBRANT business. Design is MODERN, FULLY-RESPONSIVE. Images reflect LATEST products, text is CURRENT, the site reflects GOOD MARKETING !

Or perhaps it might still reflect your business back in the noughties?

AN UP-TO-DATE INTERNET SALES PRESENCE WORKS FOR YOU 24/7/365. Are you working it at its best?

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3. Cyber security - Knowing  today's cyber security terms helps you stay ahead of the threats.


Follow this link to find out more

Here is a great link to help you understand and practice cyber security, It is put out by Avast's Jas Dhaliwal, 16 August 2017 and is most useful.
Staying ahead of the latest threats is hard. Not understanding the technical jargon makes it harder. Avast defines 9 words to know, and shares pro tips to keep you safe and protected.

Read about it at


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