Graphic Effects Modules  



There are many different image gallery  graphic effect modules written  for RS Net, and they allow the purchaser to create many different effects. Do look through the following - it will help you select the module you wish to use.

Please note, that all images have the wherewithal to  have hover text explaining them. Making appropriate use of this feature goes a long way to be climbing the Google ladders.


Graphic Effects (Basic)

The following link is an example of a Basic Graphics Effects module, which allows  images to be rotated through at specified speeds. In this example the fade option has been used. Other options available include slider effects, zooms, blind  - some 20 options can be selected.

This module forms the top banner of the website for the Jamestown Commercial Hotel. Images can be added or changed easily by the user to reflect current activities or just to freshen the site.


Image Gallery (w/Graphic Effects Popup)

The following example allows you to lay out the images in a grid pattern eg 3 rows by 4 small browse images and even overflow onto other pages of images - a bit like a photo album. When this happens, the information at the top of the page is preserved and the images are paged in sets of (in this case 12) and appear in sequence. Page numbers automatically appear.

In the example only 2 images have been used.

When a user clicks on one the browse images, they popup and become a display, one after the other. For best practice, images should be the same size and orientation.

Please click on one of the images.


Image with popup for Graphics Gallery - Lightbox (margin)

The Image with popup for Graphics Gallery - Lightbox (margin)  builds differently to the previous modules. Only  the first image is displayed, but once the user clicks on it, it springs up into the popup size, is framed with a white margin on a dark background, and cycles by user click through each of the images provided. The user has no idea how many are hidden.

Again only 2 images have been used in this example.




Graphics Effects (Pause on Page Hover) and

Graphics Effects (Pause on Page Hover - Popup)

The Pause on Page Hover allows a display of images to go through a cycle but can be manually paused by the User.  This could be very useful when illustrating a progression of activities


Image 1 Information
Image 2 Information
Image 3 Information
Image 4 Information
Image 5 Information


Click any number to see that image.
Hover mouse over any number to pause the display. 
Hover mouse over any image to view text.