Setting Up Your Online Backup Service

  • You need a Broadband Internet Connection to use RS Net Online Backup. The Upload speed should ideally be 256Kb/sec or better – the faster the better – ADSL2 is best.
    The more data you are backing up online, the faster the upload speed needs to be.

  • You need Windows XP/Vista or Server 2000 and 2003 for best performance of the backup.
    A Pentium-4 class machine or better with at least 512Mb RAM is needed – faster and more RAM is better.

  • The PC/Laptop (Workstation) Version backs up local data and is good for local documents and email.

  • The Server Version backs up data stored on a server including SQL data and Exchange Data.

  • The Data bundle you need relates to the size of the data you need to back up.
    You do not need to back your computer system and applications, just data and files you have created.
    Many users keep all their files and photos, etc in “My Documents”, have precious emails and contacts in their email data, and maybe have accounting or other specialised data somewhere on their PC.
    If you measure the size of these you will get some idea of what data bundle you need.
  • PC/Laptop data bundles purchased can be shared between work-station PCs and Server Bundles share between servers to help you make more economical use of the backup investment.

  • We would not recommend users fill their account more than 80-90% to start with, to give some space for the incremental changes and new files to be stored. How many incremental changes and new files created each day will influence the size of the data bundle you need.

  • Once you have purchased your licences and data bundle, RS Net needs to know the email addresses, license type and storage allocation for each user.

  • We will then allocate accounts and issue registration codes and links to download the software by email.

Easy to Install and configure

  •  The RS Net Online Data Backup software is easy to install and configure.
    If you need assistance, there is online help on this website, plus personal assistance from RS Net support in the rare case you have a problem. Be sure to choose a backup and warning frequency to suit your own particular needs.
  • The 448-bit Blowfish encryption before upload makes your data REALLY SECURE and PRIVATE.  If you elect to use your own key for the 448-bit Blowfish encryption - MAKE CERTAIN you keep it secure in several places! You will need it to recover your data in the case of a total failure of your computer.

  • Your data is securely transmitted  - it is further encrypted during transfer to the Backup Data Centre.

  • Your data is stored in a Secure and High Reliability Data Centre with Seismic Safeguards, Fire Detection & Suppression System, Power conditioned and protected by generators, with Redundant Internet connectivity, maximising availability and protection for your data.

  • When the backup is running, it generally does not interfere with your PC function, backing off if you load your PC up with work. The amount of wait time and PC load used is completely configurable to suit your needs.

  • The first backup can take quite a while, but the RS Net Online Backup system will be persistent. It can run over several days if needed and be interrupted as often as needed. 

  • Once the initial backup is done, other backups can be quite quick; taking just minutes if very few changes have been done and longer when more changes are found.

  • After the RS Net Online Backup software has been running, if you have a problem with your PC, or need to recover a deleted or damaged file, or an old version of any file, you can use one of the recovery methods to solve your problem. (From your Backup Software, or from the Web here.
  • From time to time it is recommended that you revise the backup selection to make sure that all of the files and data you REALLY need to backup are being backed up.
    One way is to do a quick check on the Restore web page, to see which data is there to restore.
    We want you to be well protected!
  • We use a Secure and High Reliability Data Centre to maximise the availability and functionality of the system but the backup and restore functions or data centre may not available on rare occasions. The Internet and its systems are not perfect and there will be occasions when a backup does not work, etc. You are advised to retry manually if you need a  back to be done. Be sure to choose a backup and warning frequency to suit your own particular needs.