RS Newsletter 2019 No 1

Welcome back to 2019

Following on from our end of year newsletter, here is some information about   .. 

Improving Your Website
Making the Most of Your Online Investment

How often do you change a display in a window, foyer or on a front counter?
And Why? 

The simple answer is you want customers to see

  • latest products
  • accurate pricing.
  • the  range of goods and services you offer.

That seems so obvious in a physical shop. Product knowledge and brands need to be shown, to grab people’s attention when they come in, but on line, it can be forgotten.

Your actual shopfront has probably had a facelift over the years, your staff perhaps a change in dress policy, but  what about your website ?… 

Consider these points

  • When your website was first created, mobile phones and tablets were not as prolific or perhaps so almost essential as they are today.
  • Does your web site reflect your business well on these devices?
  • Can you navigate easily?
  • Is there a phone number with auto dialling?
  • Can you be sure that today’s customers will have a good experience finding what they want on your site on these devices?

How you can make the most of your Online investment

  • Invest some time to bring it up to date - to work on, rather than in, your business.
  • Have it upgraded to fully responsive so the screen size does not affect client experience.
  • Add new images that reflect today’s larger screens – so your images aren't lost
  • Improve your site status on search engines - talk to RS Net about an SEO project.
  • Make your site an authority site with good content information search engines will follow
  • Keep working on small changes at least once a month to refresh search engine interest.
  • Make your site secure. Does it have a secure lock in the address bar to give clients confidence in your site and business?

Here are some fully responsive sites from the past 12 months - shop and website - catalogue website shop and website - website - catalogue

RS Net takes pride in helping your website to be more successful for you
- after all - your business success is our business success too.

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