RS Net Newsletter 2018 - No 5

Everything you need for your online business

Online businesses should have these 3 legal notices to protect themselves and the Website Legal Package includes all of them:

  • Privacy Policy – To explain how you use, store and update customer and visitor personal information.

  • Website Disclaimer – To limit your liability from information you publish and to protect your Copyright.

  • Terms & Conditions – To state the terms under which you do business, including delivery, return and refund policies. 
    The latest Australian Consumer Law now requires this.
They even have policies that suit your particular type of enterprise. Check out this link

You have 4 options should you decide this is for you:

  1. Purchase it from RS Net and have us install it  - for $ 242 (RS Net sites)
  2. Purchase it from RS Net and install it yourself  - for $174.95 (all sites)
  3. Go Direct (Installation if needed will be $77)
  4. You can purchase just the Privacy policy for $64.90 either direct  or through RS Net (and if needed Installation of $33.00)

Please reply with your selection from the above to get started.

An invoice will be raised upon receipt and your order completed when payment is made.

Another instance of RS Net being proactive on your behalf.
Your Business is Our Business 


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