RS Net Newsletter 2017 - Special EFY edition

RS Net logo - RS stands for Renton Solutions Network- a web development business in Adelaide South Australia.

G'day! We are back in the land of Oz having had a great working holiday and a family wedding.
See our Facebook Photo at the San Andreas Fault!

We were able to help most who contacted us over that time, and are working on a list of items for others.


You will have seen many warnings of another very nasty Ransom Ware attack going on right now.

It is vital you have backups  of important files that are not kept on the same PC as your files.

Here is Useful information regarding this:

Wannacry crypto locker variant "Petya" is released into the wild
ABC (Australia) News has reported that the next variant wave as predicted of the “wanna cry” ransom ware virus has struck.
We remind all clients to be extra vigilant in the coming days.
DO NOT CLICK on any link in an email. Instead if you need to visit a page, go to your browser and find the site manually. If this is not possible, delay going to that site for at least a day in order to give your antivirus the best chance of keeping up with these criminals.
DO NOT OPEN Attachments in emails. If you are expecting an attachment, like an invoice from someone, DOUBLE CHECK that the sender is genuine and instead of opening the attachment, save it to your computer’s hard drive first.
ONLY Open PDFs from known sources and make sure that the icon is the correct one for your PDF reader.
**AGAIN** If possible wait a day or so before opening the attachment, this will give your antivirus the best possible chance of updating to protect you against any threat.
It is still not too late to install the RS Net backup solution while you can
- automated remote disconnected backups you can restore are vital protection against ransomware.


Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024