The Locality Lists

Locality List is a source for local businesses to meet your local needs. We encourage you to purchase from your local business district when you can.

Entries on the Locality list are free and you can update them or remove them without reference to RS Net Pty Ltd.

To add your business, click on the appropriate link below, then click on the ADD button to register your business.


General South Australian Directory

All businesses found within South Australia's borders

Other Australian State Directories
These directories cover the whole state

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Be sure to explore the opportunities each business directory delivers and benefit from the ease of access to local businesses in order to accommodate your everyday and not so everyday activities.

RS Net locality lists are the online business directory for local region business, it includes all local and a South Australia locality listing. 

Local region businesses are searchable by product, category and locality.

Business listing in the local business directory is free for businesses local to each region in South Australia.

Interstate Locality Lists cater for the whole state.

Home and Garden Locality List 

Unfortunately, there is no Locality List for the ACT, NT or Tasmania. If you would like to advertise using a Locality List, we recommend you join the Home and Garden Listing which covers all of Australia and is operated in the same way. All Australian businesses based in Australia and operating locally are able to join.