Sophisticated Mail spam / virus filter

If you are concerned about losing important emails but need to avoid the nuisance of Spam you may want to consider the option of our more sophisticated email filter system, which is much better at trapping spam and ensures important ema
ils are not lost through being accidentally classified as bad spam..

We use it and it is great! And cheap to run for what it does.

RS Net now have available a Mail Spam/Virus Filter that is more sophisticated than our standard one.

It can be of use to clients who experience issues with the our basic Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus System.

It offers more configurable options including an end-user interface where a list of emails that have been Quarantined in the last 21 days can be seen.

No automatic deletion or dropping of suspected bad mail is done.

The system enables you to release emails from Quarantine and white-list any email addresses that are accidentally blocked.
If you don't need blocked emails they are automatically deleted after 21 days.


  • 99% spam / virus block rate

  • Web Interface

  • Daily/ monthly / yearly metrics 

  • Incoming queue

  • Adjustable threshholds

  • Spam Quarantine

  • Report spam to the filter
There is a small extra cost for each Hosting Account you have on this filter system.

This is $11.00 setup /domain and $2.75 a month /domain (payable as Only $33.00 PA).

So The initial cost is only $44.00 for the first year!

Ongoing billing will be $33.00 annually with your hosting.

We see less spam and I have been able to find the occasional desired "spammy" email that got caught, release the email and white-list the sender.

Let us know if you would like to take up this option. It can be configured for you within a day or so.