Is your WordPress Website Up to Date?

WordPress is a well known product used on many websites with well-documented vulnerabilities that Hackers LOVE to exploit!

Plus, like all software WordPress and its Plugins have bugs that requite software updates to fix and feature enhancements to add.
To overcome the vulnerability problems :
- there are regular updates provided by WordPress themselves and WordPress Plugin creators.
- There are Plugins that make WordPress sites more secure from attack.

Click to see the latest list of WordPress Vulnerabilities. - there are many more older ones!

It's important to apply WordPress System updates and Plugin Updates frequently.
- we recommend no less than monthly.

We update the WordPress sites we support every time a WordPress version update is released and we do Plugin updates every 1-2 weeks depending on the number of updates.

WordPress is up to Version 5.2.2 - is your website running that version?

Do you have the latest Plugin versions?

Is your WordPress Site secured so it is less vulnerable to attack?

If you can't do updates or security enhancements yourself, get your Website Developer to do it.

RS Net can check and update your WordPress site regularly for only $165 PA once it is secured - Contact us to arrange it.

Don't take the risk! Update your WordPress today!

And while you are thinking of security, how good are your backups?

When did you last try and restore a file?  Are you sure your backups have worked? Who is checking that backups are happening and are effective? Are you backing up onto a flash drive or saving the backup files over and over on the same disk? If you back up to the cloud are you sure that it is happening?

Here is a real life hacking disaster and it happened here in Adelaide!

Read all about this local man's experience!

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