Important News

October 21st, 2021


Margaret and Merv Renton, Directors of RS Net Pty Ltd are pleased to announce the merging of our business with Forerunner Computer Systems (FCS). FCS are a similar Web Development / Programming / IT company with more and younger staff, were formed in 1997 and have had an office since 2004 on North East Road Walkerville.

We know the principals well and believe FCS provides the same caring, detailed service to their clients as RS Net. Read more about Forerunner on their website

All RS Net projects, services and activities will be continued as now without interruption, so please don’t be concerned.

RS Net and FCS are excited by this opportunity and believe this is advantageous to both companies and our RS Net clients, who as always are our top priority. It will allow for continuity of our current services, plus provision by FCS of a wider product/service range than RS Net provides. It will then allow Merv and Margaret a chance to gradually move towards retiring by mid-2022, knowing that our valued clients are in good hands.

RS Net will be working in close cooperation and consultation with FCS of course. We have transferred rights to all of our extensive programming IP, etc to FCS. Our programmer has joined the FCS staff. He and Merv will work with the FCS web programming and IT team to provide services to the combined client group. Merv will be involved in the relevant daily processes and decision making at FCS as the combination settles in. He will be available for client support and consultation as usual, but mostly from FCS.
The only changes, really, from your perspective, are for the better!

Regardless of “retirement” status, Merv will be providing consulting services to the FCS Web Development and Programming team and affected clients for as long as needed, which may well extend beyond mid-2022. We want to be sure that all of our clients are well supported into the future – that’s always been our focus, as you know.

You are welcome to call and discuss any aspects of this merger that may affect you.

We will be training FCS staff to work with our systems and provide the same services as RS Net does now so you will have more points of support. Plus they have an extra set of modern IT services, products and expertise to help you make your business more successful if you want to take advantage of that. (More details to follow.)

RS Net will cease invoicing for hosting, domains, SSL Certificates, Carbonite backup,  custom programming, etc at the end of October when invoices for November have been sent.
FCS will then take over all the invoicing on November 1st
to send out the December due dated invoices and then continue. All hosting renewal dates, etc will be honoured by FCS and the current services will continue. Margaret will be working closely with FCS Accounts people to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Please make payment to the correct invoicing business during the change-over time.
Payment Details will be on the invoice.

We believe this will be a seamless changeover and a win-win-win for all parties – RS Net, FCS and our clients. Both RS Net and FCS have been working hard for some time to make this work well.

An introductory letter is also being sent by Forerunner. Please watch out for it.

Margaret and Merv will still be around for quite some time, but we would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for your business. Some of you have been with us for a very long time and we have appreciated your trust in our services and ourselves.

We hope you will agree we have made the best decision for continuity and succession and believe you can continue to be successful with the new combined Forerunner team.

If you elect to take advantage of their wide range of Computer and Business IT services, you can get much more benefit for your business with Forerunner Computer Systems.

Again, you are welcome to call and discuss any aspects of this merger that may affect you.

Our current office number 08 7324 3024 may not always be answered immediately but it will forward to Merv’s phone and eventually to FCS.
Or call Merv’s Phone: 0407 691 344, Margaret’s phone 0408 022 420.


Merv and Margaret

Merv Renton                   Margaret Renton
Director RS Net               Director RS Net

Welcome to Forerunner Computer Systems

Dear RS Net Client

We are excited to welcome you to Forerunner Computer Systems; a South Australian family-owned and operated business that has been in business since 1997. We pride ourselves on providing complete IT and Digital Media solutions with high-level customer service, professionalism and customer care.

It is exciting to be merging RS Net clients with Forerunner clients. There has been, and will continue to be, a lot of work done in the background to ensure it is a smooth transition for all parties involved.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your website continues to perform at its best, for you and your business. We are also delighted to advise that Justin, RS Net’s programmer, will also be joining the Forerunner Team, and continue to work with you and your website.

Should you have any queries, or concerns, at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (08) 8269 5260 or Your initial primary contacts will be our Business Development Manager, Petrea Stacey, and Office Manager, Ali Hellewell.

Kind regards,

Richard Pederick