Website Legal Packages

Current Privacy legislation now requires ALL Australian websites to post a Privacy Policy statement if they collect any customer or website visitor information:

  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Credit card numbers, etc.

So even if you have a basic Contact Form on your website you MUST have a Privacy Policy.

Who Needs Which Policies?

Courtesy of Legal 123, we have an infographic to follow

By answering the questions below you will have the information to make a considered decision.
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More  on the Privacy Policy

In the June 2018, the  new GDPR EU was mentioned for those trading with any EU citizen or business, but did you know that All Australian businesses require a policy of their own.

More information can be found here
Please note: This is the minimum you need to be compliant!

Cost of just purchasing the Privacy Policy  - only $64.90 plus optional installation $39.50
The  cost isn't great, just $64.90 inc GST and installation by RS Net is just $39.50 making a total of $104.40 inc GST.
If you want to install it yourself then here is the link you need. Updates are sent to you.

Cost of just purchasing the Full Website Legal package - only $174.90 plus optional installation - total $275
The cost if you wish to purchase a Website Legal package policy which will include the Terms & Conditions, Privacy and  Disclaimer Policies  is $174.90 if purchased direct using the link above or ordered through RS Net, or $275 with installation from RS Net.