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Hacking Spike expected

"Like many other hacking campaigns, NanoCore is mainly distributed with email phishing attacks: researchers note that many of the current campaigns distributing the malware are designed to look like invoices or purchase orders with attachment names designed to provoke victims into clicking."

".. one of the best ways to ensure you don't fall victim to campaigns is to ensure your operating systems and applications are patched and up to date."

You need to have good, Up-to-date on-PC protection.
We use Webroot, which is very good and very pro-active.

Add our Advanced Mail Filter which traps a large number of annoying/problem emails from getting to you. Cost only $11 to install and $33PA

And if the worst happens and you do fall victim to one of these horrors, how long will it take you to restore your data?

How well is it backed up? Are you sure your most recent  disk backup didn't include the infection? Will your restore bring back all your emails and documents?

RS Net now has a new backup program which allows a single PC to back up unlimited files for an economical cost. Installation is available and a local RS Net monitoring/support service, too, so you can be sure that your account is being checked locally. We have Server Backup versions, too.

We can also backup Office 365 files and email with another product but you need a minimum of 5 users.
- Microsoft does not provide a backup service for Office 365 email etc, so if you delete an email or folders IT'S LOST!

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