RS Net Newsletter 2017 - no 1

RS Net logo - RS stands for Renton Solutions Network- a web development business in Adelaide South Australia.

The Year of the Rooster is upon us and 2017 is already 2 months old!
We hope you have had a great start to this new year!
We have 3 Items for You to Think About - Ransomware and Backups, Protecting your Social Media Reputation,
and Going Mobile to keep up with your Clients

Ransomware is even MORE rife
now and we now know that using Google Drive, One Drive and other Cloud storage for backups does protect against Ransomware attacks. Unfortunately Cloud Storage just backs up the corrupted files over any good ones.

Only an encrypted, immutable copy of data that lets a customer step back to a previous version of data, provides the protection to recover from a Ransomware attack.

RS Net's back up solution does just this!

Protect yourself now! Arrange fast cover by calling RSNet.  Check out

Protect Your Social Media Reputation!

Remember the Louie the Fly lament. Took me 6 months to breed him and only 2 seconds to flatten him. Warren Buffet said: 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. Apply these sayings to your business reputation on Social Media  and it means that you need to be vigilant. 

Content publishing: control the roles and permissions of your  business social media accounts. Check out Facebook & permissions and assign them as necessary.

Controversial Content: My father-in-law was a butcher whose livelihood depended on people's good will. Football and political opinions were avoided to keep the client happy and keep the client. The same on Social Media - don't offend possible or current clients with your opinions.

Account hacks: Avoid your accounts being hacked by using complex & frequently changed passwords; check Privacy settings, and look out for alerts warning of suspicious activity

Summarised from Sapir Segal  in a Market to Media Blog 6th Feb 2017

Are you Mobile Friendly Yet?? No??

Then you should perhaps read an article  by  Titus Hoskins in Business Featured Smartphones/Mobile Applications Web Development  (full story link below)

Here are a few of them:

  1. Follow the Money - more people are using mobiles for purchases now
  2. Follow your customers Over 60% have smart phones- a poor mobile experience can mean loss of sale
  3. Mobile phones are the new wallet/credit card
  4. Follow customer's habits. Feed into Social media- and get known
  5. Apps can be important- Our doctors even set up appointment apps.
  6. Mobile phones are our new security blanket - eg Fire Watch alerts
  7. (Actually no 10.) Google Now Ranks Mobile Usability as a Ranking Factor


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