RS Net Newsletter 2016 - No 4

Hello Everyone!

Last month we ran a promotion to see who read our Newsletter. Congratulations to Spray Pave Australia, Port Princess and Industrial Gaskets who each scored a  half hour's work on their site.

We are continuing the promotion in this Newsletter. The prize is 30 minutes of help with your metatags and/or page URLs to help improve website performance. Every client who enters within 7 days of getting this newsletter has a chance. After 7 days we will randomly pick 5 clients for this offer. One entry per Client Business. Non web clients can also enter - we have a Mystery Prize for you!

See the short quiz at the bottom of this newsletter.


Dire warnings have gone out in the Advertiser 24/8/2016 about a scam involving AGL. RS Net received this email yesterday so I have captured it so you can see what it is about.

Important points to note are that it is called AN Account Overview, and it does not come  from AGL

It invited you to download the details. The details are in a zip form and contain the virus.

This stresses again how important it is to be fully backed up! 

Don't wait till after your system dies to find out!  If you are unsure, talk to RS Net today or see more online  

This article from Techbit explains more of what you can do to protect your business - here is one of their helpful suggestions

Make it harder for the authors of ransomware to hide their intentions because you’ve allowed Windows to hide the file extension. If a file is really called “Invoice.doc.exe,” then you shouldn’t allow it to present itself to the user as “Invoice.doc.”

Forcing Windows to call an executable an executable gives your users at least a fighting chance.



How well is your site showing on the Net?

RS Net has just invested in a new SEO reporting program that gives very clear insights into how well you and your main competition are doing with  keyword phrases you consider you should be found for?

For $55.00, we will use 10 important keyword phrases and 5 competitors nominated by you and supply a report you can print out.

After that you can decide whether you would like  more information about or assistance with SEO for your site.

ALL Older Shops/Catalogues need to have a software upgrade applied URGENTLY.

This headline has appeared  before in the newsletter. Despite  this and personal contact some web shop/catalogue owners have still not taken this up. Hackers are out there all the time and you risk your own and your client's data by not being proactive. We have seen minor attack affect several older sites and don't want a major problem.

Need more information. Click here or call RS Net  

Other current offers

Onsite web help. Click here  for our offer

Or call Margaret 0408 022 420 for more information. 

Add  an email filter to keep on top of spam?

For only $11 set up and $33 a year, RS Net can add our more sophisticated  email filter to your site.



Quiz Time!

  1. What is the cost of a one off SEO report? (check through the text above)
  2. Name 2 clients currently featured on our Facebook page. Don't forget to like us while you are there!
  3. Why is showing a file extension in Windows Explorer so important? (see above)

Just reply to this email with the answers placed at the top so they can be found easily. 

While you are here, (not part of the quiz) do you need website help or do staff need website training?
Add it to your quiz reply or Messenger Us on the RS Net Facebook page

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