SecurePay Online Payments    


RS Net staff can recommend  SecurePay, having worked with them and clients for more than 10 years. Securepay combines an internet merchant account and a payment gateway - so you can accept online payments

How does SecurePay work?

SecurePay explains

"SecurePay Online Payments makes sure that customer credit card details are transmitted between your bank, the customer’s bank and the credit card schemes in a highly secure, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant manner. This is a win–win for you and your customers. Your business doesn’t have access to complete customer credit card numbers, which reduces business risk for you, helps to reassure customers and combats online fraud."


Please also    talk to Merv 08 7324 3924 or email him and discuss the information needed to complete the form. This is done directly through Secure Pay.


4 reasons to use SecurePay Online Payments for your e-commerce website
Pages & details your e-commerce site will need - RS Net will  guide you.
Information needed for the SecurePay application

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