RS Net Newsletter 2016 - No 2


Hello Everyone!

Autumn is a great time time of year. Make time to see the beauty of the Autumn leaves in the Hills if you can

We are having a promotion in this Newsletter. The prize is 30 minutes of help with your metatags and/or page URLs to help improve website performance. Every client who enters within 7 days of getting this newsletter has a chance. After 7 days we will randomly pick 5 clients for this offer. One entry per Client Business. Non web clients can also enter - we have a Mystery Prize for you!

See the short quiz at the bottom of this newsletter.


ALL Older Shops/Catalogues need to have a software upgrade applied URGENTLY.

And all Older Websites need their software to be upgraded too!

We have been advising everyone to get the Mobile-Responsive upgrade ASAP and quite a few have done so.

The Mobile-Responsive upgrade comes with a program upgrade that adds extra security against hackers taking control of your website possibly accessing and/or changing the data or using the site to spam other people.

We saw evidence of this happening on one of our older Web Shops last week! cry
We are doing an emergency code upgrade for that site right now!

Don't wait until your website or web shop/catalogue is damaged and your site/data is compromised and needs an expensive emergency upgrade with data repair!

If you can't do the full Mobile-Responsive upgrade just now, we can do a Code Only upgrade to the latest version for $495 and when you do the Mobile-Responsive upgrade we will give you $110 discount off that second cost.

If you order the Mobile-Responsive Upgrade, the Code Upgrade is discounted to $220 from $495 to reduce the price of the combination - A Great Saving!

With the latest Code Upgrade you get Unlimited Future Security Upgrades as we add more and better security to the Website / Web Shop / Catalogue software - A Great Bonus Benefit!

To get your Code Upgrade Started Go Here.

Onsite web help.

It will not be news to you, but many business people are time poor! Web work can seem to be a low priority as other issues take precedence, yet keeping your website up to date should be a priority as it affects a visitor's first impression, content currency, and invites engagement with your products and team. It enhances the apparent vibrancy of your business!! 
Keep your cheapest employee updated so it can sell your latest products and projects 24 x 7!!

If you can't, LET RS NET WORK ON THE SITE FOR YOU!  Just  $330 gets 5 hours work in your office if you are within 20 minutes of Adelaide which includes travel time. If you are outside that radius, talk to us.

Margaret is spending a day a week at times with some clients working on their website. Great gains can be made in that time! Of course discussions must occur and you need to organise fresh images and suitable rough text. That can be done prior to the visit. We can then do the work to freshen your site, involving you when needed.

WHY USE RS Net? We know the software, we are experienced in creating web pages that work, making them Search Engine friendly and useful to you and your website visitors.

WHY ONSITE?  - because that is where you and your files are - a quick chat with relevant staff is easy! 

Call Margaret 0408 022 420 for more information. 

Sick of Getting so much Spam? undecided

For only $11 set up and $33 a year, RS Net can add our more sophisticated  email filter to your site.

Are you sure you are Backed Up?

Can you be sure that all your important files are backed up?

If your hard drive dies, can you recover important files in 24 hours or less?

If you are hit with Ransomware and your server is encrypted could you cope?

If a file gets corrupted, can you access a recent backup quickly?

If you are hesitant, talk to RS Net today or see more online 

Quiz Time!

1. What Seasonal change can you see in the Adelaide Hills this time of year?

2. How does keeping your site up to date help your business? (check through the text above)

3. Name 2 clients currently featured on our Facebook page. Don't forget to like us while you are there!

  Just reply to this email with the answers placed at the top so they can be found easily. 

While you are here, (not part of the quiz) do you need  website help?
Add it to your quiz reply or Messenger Us on the RS Net Facebook page

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Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024