Which CMS is right for my business? 

RS Net will ask a lot of questions to help  you decide what your business needs.

It is a given these days that every business needs to be on the Internet. In the days when staffing and budgets occupy the minds of every business owner, having a quick  and accessible way to get your message across to potential clients is essential.
Once you have this silent salesperson working for you, you must maintain the accuracy of the information, replacing old products and specs with new and up to date ones.The best part of the RS Net system is that you can do it on the fly.
So what is right for you? Where do you start?
A website? How large? What size  budget? What are the ongoing costs? Can I get help when I need it?  Do I need to know a web language?
I want to sell on line? Can I put catalogues on my site? Can I use Paypal? What about freight costs? How many products can I put on line? Do you have an upload facility? What if I have sold out?  How can I show specials?  Can I have different prices for different groups? Can I feature a different product every month?
Tell RS Net what you want to do, who your audience is and how you want to connect with them. Then let us work with you to find the best solution.
Websites come in different packages

  • The Web Brochure - 5 pages hosted on a shared domain - entry level
  • The Web Presence - a standalone site of 6 pages - own domain, with a statistics package and 2 domain email addresses
  • The Unlimited Page Web Site - as many pages as you need - domain, statistics package, up to 5 domain email addresses, it starts with economy hosting at up to 500Mb, then  Professional with 1Gb of data, and additional 1Gb data blocks as your business really takes off.
  • The Catalogue - where you wish to display your wares in Categories, but do not want to sell on line
  • The Online Shop - display your goods in Categories, add E-Commerce and Freight Options
  • Combining 2 types of sites - the shop/catalogue, the web catalogue, the web/shop}
  • A Custom designed purpose built site - Something out of the ordinary - RS Net specialises in making the site fit the purpose.


What else comes  with the RS Net CMS?


  • Backup - 4 weeks of daily backups, 13 weeks of weekly backups and 12 months of monthly backups!
    If a page is accidentally deleted, RS net can usually recover it in 24 hours

  • Training - RS Net trains you how to look after your site - in fact how to build the site. We give you the tools in the form of modules so you can build pages yourself.

  • After sales service - not sure of any process or setting up an email on a new PC. Call RS Net.

  • Handy hints about presenting your site to the Search Engines - Do's and Don't's

  • Newsletter sent out several times a year with handy hints, reminders, alerts and a respect for your needs.

  • Facebook contact page where information about happenings, outages- scheduled or otherwise can be found

  • Easy upgrades - want a larger site? Need more modules to improve the look and function of your site?

Then just call RS Net!

08 7324 3024