New RS Net sites are fully-responsive


- not only are they mobile friendly but the sites automatically adjust to whatever screen size you are viewing

Choose your design to suit your company colours from our range  of standard designs or commission our designer

An RS Net web site is limited only by your imagination!

There is no limit on pages to be used - in fact we encourage this and teach you how to add more and maintain them.

RS Net fully-responsive web sites come in different forms.

The Web Site

The Shop

The Catalogue

or any  combination of  these three

RS Net also offers a mobile friendly starter site

 RS Net will ask a lot of questions to help  you decide what web solution your business needs.

Questions such as..

  • Do you want to inform clients about your services? - a web site might be your answer

  • Do you want to get on the web quickly with a small site that can be expanded? See our Easy site

  • Do you want to show them the range of your goods? - a catalogue using categories  where you can add or subtract items as your stock changes

  • Do you want to sell on-line? - A shop add on for the catalogue, with e-commerce security options and payment gateways

  • Do you want to do more  one of these activities?

  • Do your need a different solution? - Custom web design has always been one of RS Net's specialities.

  • Do you need to integrate a program  with your web presence?
    RS Net programmers are experienced in creating  sites to mesh with other programs.

Discussing what the website needed

You may be wondering what else comes with an RS Net website!


All  of our websites come with great after sales service plus additional options should you elect to take them up.

See the list of standard features which come with your site and the other options below

How should the website work?
  • Anti spam measures. (Extra Option for your  domain emails, an additional spam filter)
  • Basic (standard) and more Specialised SEO services.
  • Search engine publishing (Optional)
  • Newsletters about hints and tricks, virus alerts, special offers (Standard)
  • Friendly help (Standard)
  • Domain email - it is your choice and we recommend it.
  • On line offsite backups - optional for your own business, but all sites are backed up daily by RS Net.
  • Domains - both new & renewals (optional)
  • Training so you can service your site without reference to us
  • Quick answers (standard)
  • Do's and Don'ts about Search engine activities (Standard)
  • A Facebook page where information about schedules and unscheduled outages are  listed
  • Continual upgrading of the web code - annual maintenance at an annual cost - this protects your site from hackers. (Standard)
  • Hosting of your site, with stats package (Standard - if you host with us)