Search Engine Optimization   

How can we improve our web site position?

Search Engine Optimisation SEO is fast becoming one of the most important web tools we can offer our clients.

In training, we stress the importance of working with page content, metatags and image annotation.  All 3 help your page rank better when done consistently.

Sites may also need a  more concentrated effort  to get a better position and RS Net offers to help you do this with an SEO package.

 What  makes up an RS Net SEO package?


RS Net's SEO Package includes an upfront evaluation and an initial report of where your suggested search terms are placed currently, then a consistent and persistent analysis  of  your text and images begins.   3 monthly publishing to search engines promotes your site.

A monthly fee is charged for this process and covers work done, suggestions for improvement and a progress report. This continues for a period of 5- 6 months with reports etc generated monthly

There is a  minimum of 6 months from the first report as time is needed for search engines to visit and for changes in ranking to be seen.  After that, we recommend you continue on a monthly basis.


What else does RS Net do to promote Clients?

At RS Net, we provide all our clients with a range of options for internet marketing, from sponsored ads through to SEO and free business listings.


RS Net will work with you to determine the most appropriate option to increase your business's online success.


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 Industrial Gaskets


Below  is shown  the  condensed  view of this great report  for Industrial Gaskets after using RS Net's SEO service. In the expanded view where those 56 no 1 positions were found it takes 3 - 4 PC screens to show just the top 10 in this case - it looks at every page where that keyword set is used. Industrial Gaskets is a catalogue site, and together we decide on what is next for special attention.


Click on the image below and see the great results achieved by this client.



Industrial Gaskets - as words get to the top, new ones are being worked on
Industrial Gaskets SEO success




Signmakers Adelaideexcerpt from their testimonial...

....  RS Net monitors and actively manages the site performance to help maximise our exposure.  The results are reported to us monthly in a friendly personal email which also contains useful ideas to help us develop the site and improve performance.


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