Web Catalogue or Shop Solutions

I want to display my products in  categories so customers can see the range on line.

What do I need?

 Do you want a site where people can enquire about your goods and later action an order off line
Do you want to do more and let people buy directly on line.

Once you have made this decision, the rest is simple.


The RS Net Web Catalogue allows products to be displayed in useful categories that suit your business. It has an Enquiry button for clients to email their questions about products. They can then purchase off line.  The RS Net Shop allows both possibilities of Enquiry  or Ordering on line and requires an e-commerce solution to convert the catalogue into a shop.

What makes the site into a Shop?

Primarily,  an  e-commerce solution - a shopping cart!  A Security Certificate and a separate Payment Gateway or  Paypal solutions are required for all secure on line transactions.

RS Net Shops have order facilities and staged sales notifications which keep the client informed of  their order status

Additional features for Shops are Orders with automatic email notification to clients as the order passes through various steps until  despatched to the client.

A Reports feature in the Shop allows access to data  including GST concerning orders fulfilled over various time periods

Freight Solutions can be automatically added to the sales to complete the process in one transaction and they can be tailored to your business requirements, even offering tracking parcel facilities and links to Australia Post's freight calculator. Some clients prefer to finalise the freight after the order has been made.


What if I want  both solutions?

Some  products need to be discussed with the client where others can be purchased  immediately. The solution: Purchase a combined web shop / catalogue and get the best of both worlds.

What makes up a Shop or catalogue?

Shops and catalogues consist of a Public area and an Administration area. Access is gained to the Administration Area by password and this allows work to be done on Products, Categories and Information page areas. Freight and Payment types (where applicable), lists of shoppers, the ability to send  emails en masse, and even read in a csv of emails collected.

If more than say 200 products are  to be uploaded there is an optional Read in program  by which a csv of product information and their images can be read in - This is called a Multiple Upload Module and requires extra training

Specials and Featured products can be instantly created with a simple yes/no tick.

Up to 6 Extra images and Associated products can also be displayed for each item

Product Image Sizes and Page Formats are governed by choices in the Category Admin area - so you can ensure pages look uniform, or  can be changed to suit a  different range of products

Here is a sample range of our shops and catalogues including some very customised  fully-responsive sites eg The Auction Rooms, (website / catalogue) Power Brakes  & JSEAsy

The Mobile Responsive sites reflect well on all screen sizes, but are not as sophisticated as the Fully-Responsive.


Fully Responsive Sites

The Auction Rooms - site, catalogue & e-commerce, auction tickers, post sale freight calculations, live bidding etc..Fuuly responsive
 Power Brakes - website & shop. Shop items are displayed in brands and productss. Product is only entered once & then used in multiple categories. Accessories match complementary items
Ritossa Furnishers
JS Easy- combined shop/website - download items on payment

Mobile Responsive Sites

Northwick Office Solutions
Dash Original
Linden Park Pharmacy
Australian Puppet Shop
Mallee Quilts - a shop selling fabric - note ability to buy fabrics in small amounts
GMS Innovation - a funeral director supplier - shop only, You Tube video included on Information page, Paypal.
Adelaide Souvenir Wholesalers
The Luggage Place
The Pug Mill