SSL Certificates for ALL websites, especially Sites with Logins for Members

We are seeing an increasing emphasis on Website and Web User Security these days.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) adds the secure "Lock" symbol to a Website address and requires the use of HTTPS in the the address (instead of HTTP).
SSL Certificates Encrypt (Scramble) the communications between the end-user's PC and Internet Servers to keep the communications private and safe.

RS Net Web Shops already use SSL Certificates to keep buyer's Registration and Credit Card details safe.
RS Net supplies several different levels of Thawte SSL certificate for Web Shops or websites that take payments, providing greater levels of Validation and "Feeling of Security" for the Website visitor, at various costs.
These add to the annual cost of hosting for Web Shops and Web Payments sites, but are essential to the sale/payment process.

There is now a definite move towards having ALL websites use SSL to provide extra protection for their users.
  • Google has said Security is a top priority and is ALREADY using the presence of SSL as a low-level ranking signal.
  • Google wants to see "HTTPS Everywhere" so it is likely to happen!
  • Web Browsers already show SSL information about websites to give visitors confidence in sites that have it.
  • Chrome Web Browser (the most popular one) has announced that:
    From January 2017 it will show Non-SSL sites with Logins or Credit Card Fields as "Not Secure"
To give your website visitors and registered members confidence to use your website, login, etc we can now supply an entry-level SSL certificate for a very economical once-off cost!

We can now supply Perpetual Entry Level Domain-Validated SSL Certificates for your website for a one-time cost of only $66.00 -$132.00 for most clients.
The variable cost relates to the the amount of work we need to do to to configure your site to use HTTPS.
All Images and Document links must be displayed via HTTPS as well and Web Catalogues will generally need a bit more work to set up.
We will provide a quick training boost where it is needed.

These certificates are NOT recommended for Web Shops. One of the Thawte SSL Certificates is still the best option there.
Thawte is an Internationally recognised SSL Certificate supplier and the Certificates come with a "Secured by Thawte" Image to promote site security.
- If at any time you decide to upgrade to the Thawte SSL certificates we can readily cancel the Entry Level one.

Contact us soon to get your web site secure - it can usually be done within 1-2 days of your Once-Off payment.
Just send us an email saying Please Make my site secure   to get the process started!