RS Net Newsletter 2016 - No 5

Hello! Do you need to take action? Here are a couple of issues that crossed our desk recently.

Do you need a Security certificate?  Are you being left behind with a non-mobile site?

Do you need a security certificate for your website?

Did you know that as January 1st that sites where a Client or Member has to login will require a security certificate if they are using Chrome 56 as their browser?


Chrome is embarking on a crusade to crack down on websites that still aren't using encryption, and it starts with the latest version of the browser, Chrome 56.

Chrome 56 is launching in January, and will implement a new warning that you'll see on any login sites that are still unencrypted. The pages will be marked as "not secure" in a small window by the address bar, which should help usher browsers away from any site that's still not utilizing HTTPS. In the future, these pages will also be denoted with a special red triangle symbol as well.

If your site is one of these, then you need to  get a security certificate. Prices and versions are shown here on the RS Net site

The importance of having a mobile friendly site

"I think the biggest change, and the one we're already starting to see take shape, is that globally the majority of internet usage will be done via a mobile device and for most people the mobile web will be their primary – if not their only – way of experiencing the internet." – Peter Rojas, Founder of Engadget and Gizmodo

What does this mean for your business?

If your site is not mobile responsive and does not give your clients a good experience when they are on it  with speed, font size, page framing etc, will they stay on your site? Or go to your competitor? From our reading of articles, the answer is NO, they won't stay and so NO - you won't get their business.

Talk to RS Net. We have a solution. We have payment options to keep your cash flow moving. It is up to you. Move forward with confidence with an RS Net mobile responsive solution!

Google is developing a Mobile Friendly -ONLY listing!

We are now seeing reports about Google testing the first versions of its Mobile-Only listing... 

This is expected to mean your website WON'T APPEAR for searches from Mobiles if the site is not Mobile-Responsive.

Talk to us about getting your site Mobile Responsive today!



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