Testimonial from Total Track

about JSEAsy & RS Net

Scott LeBlanc says

..TotalTrack Pty Ltd needed a specialised website with custom programming to enable our customers to order online with multiple products and different licensing requirements. A straight out of the box website was just not an option for us.
The team at RS Net have been able to provide the customised programming and features we require to enable us to deliver our customised solutions for our customers.

As our products and services are perpetually evolving, the team at RS Net have helped us to deliver these products and services by continuing to develop and support our website to keep in line with these changes.

JSEAsy - customised programming & features needed

JSEAsy Testimonial

With the vast majority of our new business being derived from people searching online, being found amongst the millions of players is imperative. RS Net has been active in suggestions to improve our search ranking and have worked on our Search Engine Optimisation to help us stand out in the crowd.

Through the power of our online presence, we have attracted customers across every state and territory in Australia as well as New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Canada and the USA.

I have no hesitation in recommending RS Net to anyone looking for web solutions and services..

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Spray Pave has had a long association with RS Net especially Merv & Margaret Renton

Spray Pave Testimonial

Testimonial from Spray Pave Australia

Spray Pave Australlia has used many of our services over the years. The image above shows the letter written by Mr Chris Bylhouwer - the Australian Operations Manager. To read the whole testimonial please click on the image

 I consider what they offer is more of a partnership, rather than just a service.  I still receive all the usual requests from other internet developers. What they all miss, is what Merv and Margaret offer; a personal touch. A genuine “your business is our business” approach. 


Power Brakes Talks About

RS Net & Web services

Power Brakes looked for increased capability in a Content Management System to replace their old site.

Framework and functionality for our Website and OnLine shop were set up, and with the training provided we were able to construct our Website and get our Online shop up and running with minimal delays.

Over time we realised that we would need more specialised functionality, and were able to get that incorporated into our site cost effectively.

Phone assistance has always been generous, with any problems sorted satisfactorily. We have no hesitation in endorsing RS Net.

Allen Langman
IT Manager
Power Brakes (SA) Pty Ltd.

Signmakers at Salisbuiry

Signmakers of Adelaide have used many of our services over the years. John Sinclair owner of Signmakers states:

We have always had easy direct access to the RS Net team whenever needed and enjoyed helpful and friendly service and training. They are local, they answer the phone, they respond quickly to emails and they are reliable...

The website has proved consistently to be our most effective business devel;opment tool. We have the ability to maintain the website constect ourselves via an easy to use package... RS Net monitors and actively manages the site performance to help maximise our exposure...

I am very happy to recommend RS Net and to be contacted in that regards...

RS Net works closely with Signmakers at Salisbury

Signmakers reference

Industrial Gaskets

RS Net &  services

We are so happy and impressed with our new Fully-responsive Website format.  It is amazing how just giving a website a facelift can increase traffic to our site. 

We have used it as a marketing tool to send customers to our site to see the new interface and customers are loving it.  The team at RS Net made the change over easy and we highly recommend their services and products

Trudy Manhire Industrial Gaskets Melrose Park