Unlimited Pages - Websites from RS Net  



The RS Net Solution allows you to add as many pages as will suit your business.

Pages can be added as  top level or subdomain pages according to the menu style chosen.

This allows you to present your business and your products or services in as much detail as you wish.


Creating the look

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, your site will be a library design or a custom design.


A library design means that it falls within our non-custom solutions. You can have your choice of design or designer, your business fonts, logos and your corporate image incorporated into this solution. However, it must fit our design parameters. It has a set price depending on the numbers of design options required.


A custom design on the other attracts a higher price and will require more  from the designer. You can choose your own designer as before. However these designs will also need to fit our design parameters


An unlimited page website from RS Net begins with a generous set of module managers, which can be expanded to suit your needs and budget.


It is made up of  Content Managers or modules that are designed to allow users to maintain the content and look and feel of their site without needing to use HTML commands. The special Content Managers obey site look and feel parameters specified in discussions with you, the Client.

In addition to these modules, there are a huge number of others which will enhance and increase the complexity of your website. As we work with you to determine what modules you need to achieve your purpose, we will select them for you. Extra modules attract an extra cost.

The best part of working with RS Net is that if  the module you need for your site is not yet available, our talented programmers can make it happen!


Here are some of the more specialised possibilities using  current modules.

  • A secure area where pages are protected from the general public - ideal for group membership privacy or staff documents

  • Scrolling graphics where a suite of images can be cycled through

  • Having one Gallery made up of several galleries for easy access by clients

  • Different designs for  the tops of different pages

  • Adding information in hot spots

  • Creating parts of pages to be used for the mobile views

  • Layering menus



Below are some of the websites you can access  to see how our technology works.

Please click on the images to see the full websites.





Fully Responsive Web Sites

Adelaide Leadlight - leadlight artwork, ciommissions, training and supplies
Prestige Trophy, Badge and Engraving
Brimblecombe Builders - multipage site with sliders on most pages

Mobile-Responsive Web Sites

Scammells- Auction Specialist
Interlocks hair Face body
Spray Pave Australia
Color on Demand
Adelaide Hills Panel Works
DS Horne- Leather and hide specialist