Merry Christmas from All at RS Net

RS Net will be closed from COB 20th December and reopen at 9am on the 13th of January 2020.

Of course we will be monitoring the system and be available to help in an emergency as usual.

Looking back over 2019's newsletters, we  have discussed some important and still relevant issues 

No 1 Newsletter talked about Making the Most of your online business and the importance of keeping your online presence as interesting and updated as your bricks and mortar shop front. Did you take the opportunity to upgrade to fully responsive this year? 
Check out some very recently upgraded sites - from easy sites to fully designed ones.
Talk to us about your needs. payments are spaced to suit your budget!

No 3 talked about Cyber Crime and the importance of daily backups. if you are still not fully  protected against data loss through theft or hackers etc, then  you should talk to RS Net. 

Did you know we can backup your Office 365 files and emails now?

At times we reminded you about Windows security patches and the importance of setting them up to install  automatically. Did you?

In No 6 we offered to maintain WordPress code updates when they were published. Is your Word Press site being regularly updated? RS Net can do this for you!

No 7  was called Protecting Your Business and really covered all the  previous newsletters with its message about being beware and making the most of your opportunities to be fully backed up and to be alert about scams

Just this month, I received an email from WebRoot with a link to a very interesting article. Do you know the difference between Smishing, Vishing and Phishing? I didn't. But I can say I was sent a smishing text the other day telling me I had a Delivery from Kogan, that mentioned my name and a link. What is Smishing? SMS plus Phishing = Smishing!
We recommend that you read this article  put out by Webroot.

So for the last time in 2109 we  thank you for your business and your continued support.
We wish everyone  well for the coming Christmas  and New Year celebrations
and look forward to continuing our work with you next year.

Margaret Renton  0408 022 420 and 08 7324 3024

Merv Renton  08 7324 3024