The Web Presence - 6 pages  


The Web presence is a limited page, full domain, budget website

An RS Net web presence site has the following features.

  • Banner Design (only), with your choice of font styles and colours for both the Menu area, Background and Text in the main body of the site can be selected from a library or for extra cost can be designed for you.

  • up to 6 pages where the name of the Menus can be changed and switched off but not removed.

  • The ability to search the site for a particular term, and don't worry the Search Results page is not included in your 6 pages.

  • rests on a full domain

  • has a Statistics package

  • and can use 2 domain emails eg,

To keep this option at such an incredibly low price, these web presence options are governed by the following restraints:

  • Right or Left hand  navigation - your menu will be sited on your choice of left or right blocks

  • You cannot remove, copy or replace a page - but this isn't as limiting as it sounds! Especially with our latest text editor.

This is a basic option - a way to start on the web.

At any time it can be upgraded to the full Unlimited Web Site.




Lehmann Ceilings- a web presence site